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Doctors, nurses, and emergency medical personnel have been on the forefront of the Covid-19 crisis. Working long hours without breaks, many have been experiencing traumatic stress, psychological trauma, and exhaustion. During this health crisis, hospitals and health systems are doing everything they can to care for their patients and communities, and we must extend that same care to our healthcare personnel serving on the front lines: physicians, nurses and the entire health care team, including food services, environmental services, administrative, EMS, and support staff. Even in normal circumstances, working in healthcare delivery is hard, stressful, and tiring work; COVID-19 makes it especially exhausting physically and mentally. This presentation will offer support and valuable resources for ways hospitals and health systems can help care for and support our healthcare heroes.

Jason Prystowsky MD, MPH
Emergency hysician - Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
Medical Director - Santa Barbara City Fire Department
Academic Coordinator - UCSB Medical Humanities Initiative